Hornby Service Centre

Contact information

Heartland Service Centre
C/- Work & Income
25 Shands Road
Christchurch 8042

PO Box 16028
Christchurch 8441

Phone: 03 961 9248
Mobile: (029) 263 7580
Fax: 03 964 6176

Email: hornby@heartlandservices.govt.nz

Name of Coordinator: June Foster-Campbell

Hours of opening: 8.30am-5.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Wednesday: 9.30am-5.00pm
Days of opening: Monday-Friday

These following Heartland Services are available by appointment. Please contact June who will arrange a time to suit.

Services available by appointment

Hornby Heartlands is co-located with Work and Income and has its own frontline and servicing area.

These are the current services that deliver face to face services on site.

  • Age Concern
  • Birthright
  • Community Law Canterbury
  • Employment Mediation
  • Family Planning Clinic
  • Green Prescription
  • Hope Centre, Couselling
  • Inland Revenue
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Kingdom Resources (budgeting services)
  • Life, Unlimited
  • Otautahi Social Services
  • Pegasus Health Community Worker
  • Salvation Army (budgeting services)
  • Senior Services (MSD)
  • Work and Income (MSD)
  • Workbridge
  • Youth Justice (MSD)

An appointment is required for all these services. Most of these agencies will make their own appointments, while others are undertaken by the coordinator.

On Call / Referral Services

Hornby communities are able to call on agencies or community groups as required, to provide face to face services to referrals and use Heartlands interview rooms.  We can provide a network of On Call Referral Services of 41 government and community agencies as an extension of our current on site services. 

Ask our Heartlands Co-ordinator for more information.

Additional Services and Information

Hornby Heartlands Brochure

A regular list of current services and any changes are distributed by way of our own Hornby Heartlands brochure, term by term.

Strengthening Families

If you need help or more information on Strengthening Families please contact the Strengthening Families Co-ordinator.

Julie Grenfell
Ph: (03) 353 4700
Fax: (03) 366 6650
Email: julie@mmsi.org.nz

Website: Strengthening Families