Hokitika Service Centre

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Heartland Service Centre

49 Tancred Street


Services are now provided by PACT Group

Contact our Coordinator: Adair Quaife

Phone: 03 755 7336

Email: Adair.Quaife@pactgroup.co.nz

Hours of opening: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Days of opening: Monday - Friday

Please contact Adair who will arrange appointment times to suit.


Public Trust

Inland Revenue

Te Ara Mahi

Clinical Psychologist  Sandra Fowler  ACC

Clinical Psychologist  Margaret Adams (aka Dr Maggie) ACC

AMP Employment Consultants


Emerge Aotearoa

Dept of Corrections

Strengthening Families

Pact Services

and The Cancer Society , New Coasters, Westland Budget Service, Life Unlimited and Fit For Work

Additional Services and Information

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Tenancy Services - Tenancy Services can be contacted for free advice about renting for tenants and landlords - call 0800 TENANCY 0800 836-262